Common FAQ's

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does The Grove have an indoor/outdoor establishment? 

A: Although The Grove does have an indoor portion of the venue (e.g., bar, cake display, gift table, sign in table) the majority of the venue is for the outdoor lover.   

Q: Does The Grove have onsite bar service? 

 A: No, The Grove does not have onsite bar service, but you are allowed to have a licensed bartender on site at The Grove.  A copy of the bartender license is required prior to your event.

Q: Does the licensed bartender require liability insurance?

A:  Liability insurance for the bar is required and is the responsibility of the person whom is financially responsible for the event.

Q: Does The Grove have onsite wi-fi?  

A: Yes, The Grove does have onsite wi-fi.

   Q: Does The Grove have golf cart service to and from parking lot? 

A: Yes, The Grove does have golf cart service for you and your guests.

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is the pool on the estate available for rental?

A: The pool on the estate is available for guests who decide to stay with us overnight in our "Guest Suite".  An additional rental fee is required.  

Q: Can the bride, groom, or special guest utilize the "Guest Suite" prior to their event at their leisure.  

A: Yes, the bride, groom, or special guest is allowed to utilze the "guest suite" so as accomidations are made prior to your event. An additional fee is required. 

Q: Does The Grove provide "event packages" for the events?

A: The Grove does not provide "event packages" at this time.  However, the rental fee does include round tables and chairs for up to 200 guests.

Q: Is there valet service that can be provided for our guests?   

A: Valet service is not provided by The Grove but can be provided by a local parking  management company.  Feel free to ask The Grove Manager.